Postmodern Parcel is an ongoing social project of sending and receiving art via the postal service by Bruno Andrews.  Though the idea isn’t new in itself, I’ve recently discovered IUOMA and are networking there to discover this interesting community of mail artists.

Today, in an ever increasing digitized world it seems to me that the lack of touching the physical; paper or cardstock, ink from a pen or graphite from a pencil, feeling the raised edges of a postage stamp or the ridge of an envelope, is quickly being lost.  Mix this with the digital “social” networks and a real human connection
being lost.

So it appears that mail art is both a physical connection to a real social network. Meeting people you may not have otherwise met through the avenue of artistic expression via delivery from a postal worker.

This is my journey and discovery of this fascinating format of mail art.

About Bruno

Bruno Andrews is a photographer and artist in central Pennsylvania. Bruno’s desire is to worship the Lord through creative and artistic endeavors.  He lives harmoniously with his wife, 2 young boys, 2 dogs and 1 cat in a small village just outside of Hershey, PA.