A Postal Experiment


So since I use a lot of old magazines I come across a lot of those paper “Business Reply Mail” postcards that you can send to the publisher and they will start your subscription to the magazine — you know annoying things inside the magazine that are always falling out?


I came across one from a Us World News & Report Magazine from maybe the 50’s or 60’s (I’m not sure… I honestly had ripped it to shreads in short order as I was searching for collage pieces). It had a an address in Dayton, OH on it but I knew that the permit would have not have been good so I did (not pictured) place a stamp on it.  I doubt that the circulation dept still exists (does the magazine?) but I’m really interested in knowing if the post card actually gets to some one and if so, will they respond?  I placed the URL to this site on the back of the postcard so hopefully some one responds.  

I know this isn’t exactly Art through the Mail… but it’s an experiment with artistic tones (whatever that might mean).